Cllr R Harrison Chairman
Cllr R Williams Vice Chair
Cllr C Wade  
Cllr R Horspool  
Cllr P Robinson  
Cllr A M McLoughlin  
Cllr R Cowham  

Cllr P Dunn

Cllr T Byass


Cllr E Glassby



Ward Councillors: -

Leo  Hammond -

Derek Cary -

Paul West -



Clerk to the Parish and RFO - Mrs Sandra Morrison ; The Grange, Main Street, Thwing, YO25 3DY

Tel: 01262 470496 Email:

Councillors areas of responsibility

North Dalton Parish Council is a member of East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Council Association (ERNLLCA)

The East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire Local Councils Association, known as ERNLLCA, is an independent body which supports parish and town councils in the North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. There is an equivalent organisation for each “shire county” area or equivalent in the country and all of these bodies, which are known as County Associations, join together as members of the National Association of Local Councils, or as it is more commonly known, NALC.

Our representatives for the ERNLLCA District Committee meetings are Cllr R Harrison and Cllr R Williams

ERNLLCA (and its predecessor organisation, the Humberside Association of Parish and Town Councils) has been serving parish and town councils, and parish meetings, since 1974.

Through ERNLLCA we have access to relevant legal information, we are kept abreast and updated on new legislation and are able to access training and improvement through management and development for councillors and staff.